We are a team of occupational safety specialists, they are dedicated to occupational health and safety and we understand our business. WISER Group is the best choice if you want to provide your employees with a safe, efficient and legally compliant working environment. We provide comprehensive occupational safety solutions. Feel free to contact us and ask for a free consultation.


Health and Safety

In the course of our comprehensive occupational health and safety services, we help our partners to fulfill their obligations prescribed by law in order to preserve the health and safety of their employees. Whether it is a risk assessment, workplace safety training or compliance with workplace safety regulations, you can count on us.

Environmental protection

In addition to our professional occupational health and safety service, we also offer environmental protection services. We provide outstanding expertise so that your business is in line with environmental regulations. With our green-minded solutions, we serve both sustainability and safety.

Fire protection

With the help of our fire protection services, in addition to meeting the legal requirements, you can ensure that no fire can occur due to human or technical reasons. We take care of the procurement of the most modern fire protection equipment, fire protection training in accordance with the rules, and the preparation of all necessary documentation.

Health and Safety management systems

Our company specializes in the implementation of the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. We also help with its construction, training and auditing. With our professional service, we promote the improvement of workplace health and safety, reducing workplace risks.

Construction industry occupational health and safety coordination

Our occupational health and safety coordination and supervision service provides multinational companies with a complex solution to increase the safety of construction projects and to comply with occupational health and safety regulations in Hungary. Our goal is to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries on construction sites.

E-learning and remote workplaces

Our online interface offers a convenient and flexible solution for learning work and fire protection educational materials and taking tests, as well as checking the adequacy of workplaces at home, with which we contribute to the spread of workplace safety and appropriate fire protection practices. we contribute to the dissemination of workplace safety and good fire safety practices.