EHS online solutions

The occupational health and safety portal built in Microsoft 365 offers a range of EHS online solutions that facilitate the effective planning, monitoring and management of EHS tasks. The portal's modular structure and Microsoft 365 integration capabilities allow companies to create a customized, scalable and flexible occupational health and safety solution that contributes to improving workplace safety and health. The use of this type of online solutions can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses, thus improving the well-being of employees and project performance.

Workplace protection portal - based on Microsoft 365

The EHS portal is a versatile cloud-based platform that offers a number of applications and services suitable for creating an integrated occupational health and safety system that facilitates information flow, communication and even project management during construction projects, also from mobile.

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ehs online solutions

Purpose, modules and functions of the portal

The portal provides easy access to OSH documents, reports and data, enabling companies to proactively manage workplace risks and improve OSH performance. The portal contains several modules that support various occupational health and safety tasks. 

Entrepreneur Module

Manages information related to contractors and subcontractors, including contracts, occupational health and safety regulations and performance evaluations.

Employee Module

It provides information on workers' occupational safety training, qualifications and occupational safety performance.

Risk Assessment Module

This module is used to assess physical, chemical and machinery related risks. It includes version tracking, the ability to create different tables and reports.

Hazardous Materials Module

Maintains records of hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with proper handling and storage regulations.

Machines Module

Contains information about workplace machinery and equipment, including maintenance schedules and safety checks.


It provides a platform for workers to report workplace hazards and make suggestions for improving safety.


Generate automated reports based on occupational health and safety data and performance.


Evaluation of occupational health and safety performance using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and indicators.

Work Permit Module

This module simplifies the process of issuing and tracking work permits. It includes information about subcontractors, manages their rights, and registers construction and maintenance activities. It enables fast and efficient approval of work subject to permits, accurate records of issued permits, documentation of handover and acceptance of areas, management of permit validity, and evaluation of subcontractors' performance.

Document management

Centrally stores and manages occupational health and safety documents, including legal regulations, procedures and training materials.

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Integration and automation

The site leverages Microsoft 365 integration and automation capabilities, such as Power Automate for workflow automation and Power BI for data visualization. This enables companies to effectively manage occupational health and safety processes, improve decision-making and increase workplace safety.

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  • Expertise : We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety and provide extensive knowledge of occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Complex solutions: We also provide services for SMEs and multinational companies, ensuring that they fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations during their operations.
  • Proactivity : We are committed to proactively contributing to the prevention and minimization of workplace accidents.
  • We can offer a service package that includes all the necessary services, from the creation of an occupational health and safety plan to workplace audits.
  • Our occupational health and safety experts are fully and up-to-date with Hungarian occupational health and safety regulations and standards
  • A personalized approach , unique occupational health and safety solutions for each customer, tailored to their needs.

Our partners

 Within the framework of Microsoft 365, the WISER Group has built an effective, online occupational health and safety solution for the construction industry, which can support the planning, monitoring and management of occupational health and safety processes, even from a mobile device!