Health and Safety

We are specialists in the field of occupational health and safety. Our goal is to help your business comply with occupational health and safety regulations and ensure a safe working environment for your employees. Whether it is risk assessment, occupational safety training, or compliance with workplace safety regulations, we do everything we can to ensure that you and your colleagues can work safely and healthily. Contact us and make your business more secure!

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Health and Safety

Munkavédelem - szolgáltatásaink

We know that workplace safety is not only a matter of employee health and safety, but also a key factor in the company's long-term success. That is why our services include continuous monitoring of compliance with workplace safety regulations and quick handling of any deficiencies. Our goal is to help our customers comply with occupational health and safety regulations and to proactively contribute to the prevention of workplace accidents.

Workplace risk assessment

The basis of the occupational safety and health process is the workplace risk assessment, which assesses the potential hazards and risks that may affect employees. This includes the identification, assessment and management of physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic risks. Our experts assess potential hazards and make recommendations to improve workplace safety.

Occupational safety education and training

Education and training of employees is vital to the effective application of occupational health and safety rules and procedures. This includes the occupational health and safety knowledge, accident prevention methods, emergency procedures, imparting knowledge of first aid, fire protection and emergency evacuation plans.

Emergency planning

Developing effective emergency plans and implementing response procedures is essential for unexpected events such as fires, natural disasters or accidents. This includes establishing emergency contact lists, evacuation routes and escape points, and training emergency response teams.

Occupational health and safety audits and inspections

Regular health and safety audits and inspections help ensure that companies comply with local and international health and safety regulations and continuously improve their safety practices. These audits assess the effectiveness of occupational health and safety programs, identify gaps and make recommendations for further improvements.

IT megoldások és munkavédelem – Riportálási rendszerek

Online, automatic reporting we have a lot of experience in building systems. Various decision-preparatory statistics are generated in this, which help to reveal possible malfunctions, risk factors, and development opportunities.

Customized solutions

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  • Expertise: Több, mint 15 éves tapasztalattal rendelkezünk a munkavédelem területén, és széleskörű ismeretekkel szolgálunk a munkavédelmi előírásokról.
  • Complex solutions: We also provide services for SMEs and Multinational companies, ensuring that they fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations during their operations.
  • Proactivity: We are committed to proactively contribute to the prevention and minimization of workplace accidents.
  • It is so service package we can offer, which includes all the necessary services, starting from the creation of an occupational health and safety plan to workplace audits.
  • Our occupational health and safety experts in detail and up to date they are aware of the occupational health and safety regulations and standards in Hungary
  • A personalized approach, occupational health and safety solutions that are unique to each customer and tailored to their needs.

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