Remote workplaces

Monitoring remote workplaces is not just a legal obligation, but a proactive step towards protecting the health and safety of employees. The design of home offices often differs from the occupational safety standards typical of traditional workplaces, which can increase the risk of workplace accidents and health problems. Our goal is to provide an online solution for identifying and managing the risks associated with working from home, as well as for checking workplace compliance.

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control of remote workplaces

How do we help control home jobs?

Our website is an integrated platform that allows for easy and efficient control of home workplaces. Below is a summary of some of the key services and resources we offer:

Convenient online check

Health and safety inspection of home workplaces has never been easier. On our website, you can easily perform an occupational health and safety inspection of workplaces at home. Simply follow the online form, where detailed questions will help you identify potential risks and gaps.

Customized recommendations

After filling out the inspection form, you will receive a detailed assessment that gives you a comprehensive picture of the current state of your workplace at home. In addition, we provide personalized recommendations on how to improve workplace compliance and minimize risks.

Detailed guides and resources

On our website, you will also find detailed occupational health and safety guidelines and information that will help you gain a deeper insight into occupational health and safety regulations related to working from home. This will give you a better understanding of the necessary measures and best practices.

Updates and news

We are constantly updating our website with current occupational health and safety regulations and news so that you can always receive up-to-date information. This ensures that the workplace at home always complies with the latest regulations.

Customized solutions

Request a free consultation where we can discuss how we can help your business meet regulations and standards.

Why choose us?

  • Expertise: We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety, and we provide extensive knowledge of occupational health and safety regulations in the case of remote workplaces.
  • Complex Solutions: We also provide services for SMEs and Multinational companies, ensuring that they fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations during their operations.
  • Proactivity: We are committed to proactively contribute to the prevention and minimization of accidents.
  • We can offer a service package that includes all the necessary services, from the preparation of the occupational health and safety plan to the inspection of remote workplaces.
  • Our occupational health and safety experts are fully and up-to-date with Hungarian occupational health and safety regulations and standards
  • Personalized approach, occupational health and safety solutions that are unique to each client and tailored to their needs.

Our partners

Health and safety inspections of home workplaces are key to creating a safe and healthy work environment. Remember: a suitable workplace is not only about complying with legal requirements, but also about increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction. Put your workplace at the center of occupational safety today!